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색온도가변 LED 전조등이 악천후 조건에서 차량과 노면 표적의 시인성에 미치는 영향 The Effect of CCT Tunable LED Headlamp on Target Visibility of Vehicles and Road Surfaces under Adverse Weather Condition

Hyensou Pak ; Hyeran Kang ; Jun-Gi Kim ; Chan-Su Lee

A quantitative measurement was conducted to find out the effect of CCT tunable LED headlamp on the targets of vehicle and road surface under artificial weather environment. For this, a CCT tunable headlamp with different CCT from 3500K to 6500K and diverse targets like vehicle reflectors, a license plate, and lanes were used. Experimental weather conditions consisted of clear, light fog, heavy fog, light rain, and heavy rain. We measured the luminance of the targets and backgrounds, and then calculated the contrast ratio based on their luminance. The result showed that the low CCT headlamp was better for the visibility of the targets on vehicle and road surface, particularly in reflectors, than the high CCT headlamp. We discussed the influence of target visibility by CCT tunable headlamps and their applicability to vehicles in adverse weather conditions.

DC AFCI 성능평가를 위한 UL1699B 표준에 따른 시험설비 구축 Implementation of Test Facility for DC AFCI Performance Evaluation based on UL1699B Standard

Jae-Beom Ahn ; Jin-Han Lee ; Hyun-Bin Jo ; Jin Lee ; Hong-Je Ryoo

This paper deals with the implementation of test facility for DC AFCI(Arc fault circuit interrupter) series arc detection performance evaluation based on UL1699B standard. The implemented test facility consists of DC source, decoupling network, line impedance, inverter and arc generator. The developed electric arc generator enables precise control for spacing between the arc electrodes. Implemented test facility complies with a single full string model presented on UL1699B. Mode 1 to Mode 4 are presented as test modes. The test conditions of inverter voltage, current, minimum arc current conditions, electrode separation speed and distance are satisfied by implemented test facility when arcing occurred in all test modes. Also the series arc detection performance evaluation result of DC AFCI under the mode 1 condition is presented. The implemented test facility is expected to be applied to the series arc detection performance evaluation of DC AFCI under all test mode conditions.

권선결선 방식에 따른 이중 3상 8극 48슬롯 IPM 전동기 특성 비교 연구 A Comparison Study on the Characteristics of Double 3-Phase IPM Motor with 8-poles 48-slots according to Winding Connection

Jangho Seo

In this paper, characteristic analysis was performed according to the winding connection method of an 8-pole 48-slot IPM motor with a dual inverter system. One 3-phase winding set is connected to a inverter and the other 3-phase winding set is connected to another. With the same rotor structure and same stator, three different types of winding connections for dual 3-phase are proposed. In a winding of type 1 (‘T-1’), the phase coils were placed alternately. In the second type (‘T-2’), the coils of each phase were arranged in half around the circumference. In the the last type (‘T-3’) having 6-phase, phase coils connected to other inverters are placed next to each other so that current angle between two-inverters become 30 degree. For understanding characteristics of IPM with dual 3-phase, the individual torque components are newly presented as equations using the relational expression between flux linkage and torque. By using finite element analysis (FEA), back-elctromotiveforce (EMF), syncrhonous inductance, torque and iron loss were calculated and compared.

전기차 충전소 최적 입지 선정을 통한 충전 부하 분산 전략에 관한 연구 A Study on the Charging Demand Balancing Strategy by Selecting Optimal Location of New EV Charging Station

Hyeon Woo ; Yongju Son ; Sungyun Choi

Increasing charging demand due to the increasing penetration of electric vehicles can deteriorate the reliability of future power systems. Therefore, the location selection of EV charging stations is essential for charging demand dispersion. This paper proposes a method that selects the location of EV charging stations so that charging demand is distributed by drivers' behavioral characteristics and the dependency among stations. For this purpose, kernel density estimation and nearest neighbor search algorithm that estimate the charging demand of new and existing EV charging stations are used.

DC 마이크로그리드에 연계된 ESS의 SoC 밸런싱을 위한 옵셋 전압 기반 드룹 제어 기법 Droop Control based on Offset Voltage for SoC Balancing of ESS in DC Microgrid

Jin-Wook Kim ; Kyoung-Min Choo ; Won-Sang Jeong ; Yoon-Seong Lee ; Junsin Yi ; Chung-Yuen Won

This paper proposes a droop control based on offset voltage for SoC balancing of ESS in DC microgrid. When multiple energy storage systems are operated, SoC unbalance decrease the lifetime of ESS and excessive high or low SoC deteriorate charging/discharging performance of the ESS. Therefore, in this case, SoC balancing control considering the SoC operating range is required. The proposed method controls the charging/discharging current by adding an offset voltage to the voltage reference of the droop-controlled converter of energy storage systems so that the SoC of each system can be balanced without communication. Also the offset voltage considers the operating range of the SoC, so that the charging/discharging current is limited at the boundary of the SoC operating range to prevent overcharge and overdischarge. The proposed droop control method for energy storage systems in DC microgrid is verified by simulation and experiment results.

재생에너지 발전출력의 변동성을 고려한 정적안정도의 위험도(Risk) 평가 방법에 관한 연구 A Study on the Risk Assessment Method of Static Stability Considering the Variability of Renewable Energy Generation Output

Solyoung Jung ; Jaegul Lee ; Seungchan Oh ; Jin Hur ; Gyeong-Min Kim

In this paper, a probabilistic static stability evaluation method considering the variability of renewable energy generation output and a Well-Being Analysis (WBA) method that can evaluate the level of risk of static stability are presented. In order to apply the WBA, we analyzed the measured renewable energy generation output and variability. In addition, to prove the effectiveness of the proposed WBA method, a probabilistic stability evaluation was performed using a test system and the WBA method was applied.

반도체 스위치 기반 고전압 펄스전원 연구 동향 Research Trends of High Voltage Pulsed Power Modulator based on Semiconductor Switch

Sung-Roc Jang

This paper describes the research trends of the high voltage pulsed power modulator based on semiconductor switch. The research on the solid-state pulsed power modulator technology can be classified into three topics that were performed for introducing the topology of pulsed power modulator to overcome the ratings of semiconductor device, increasing the rated power with long pulse width and low voltage droop, minimizing rising/falling time with short pulse width. This paper provides a brief overview of these three research topics and introduces the developed pulsed power modulator in Korea Electrotechnoloy Institute(KERI).