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Problems Associated with Implementation of Light Pollution Prevention Act in Korea and Proposed Solutions

Hyun-Ji Kim ; Seong-Sik Yoo ; Hoon Kim

In order to identify administrative and institutional problems in implementing present Light Pollution Prevention Act in Korea, and to propose improvement measures, we examined current civil complaint status, reviewed press releases, and analyzed the contents of numerous expert meetings and various international standards. Following improvement measures are hereby proposed. The current ex-post regulation enforcement system should be changed, in part, to a preliminary review system. Such preliminary review system will not only help prevent light pollution prior to actual installation of lighting, but also will have positive effects in regulating their presentation, aesthetics, energy waste, and installation/maintenance costs. Guidelines on designation and operation of lighting environmental management zones should be available to ensure consistency in zone designation process. True light pollution prevention effect may be realized only if the scope of subject lightings applicable to law is progressively expanded, to include lightings that had been the main causes of recent increase in civil complaints - such as those at gas stations, sports facilities, and religious facilities. Light pollution management standards on crops and livestock should be additionally available, while institutions responsible for measurements should be designated officially to ensure accurate and objective assessment of light pollution levels.

양면수광형 태양광 모듈의 운전 알고리즘 적용에 따른 발전성능 분석 Analysis of Power Generation Performance by Applying Operational Algorithms for Bifacial Photovoltaic Module

Gyeong-jin Kim ; Tae-Kyu Lee ; Jeong-Uk Kim

The bifacial PV module can be used in various industrial fields for solar power generation as a low cost and high-efficiency PV because it is capable of power generation by both front and rear side and can be made using the conventional manufacturing technology. In related articles, it is reported that the bifacial PV module has 5∼20% better performance than the monofacial PV. However, For effective power generation by rear side of bifacial PV, it is necessary to consider the environmental factors such as the latitude, the local diffuse fraction and the albedo. In this paper, We modeled a bifacial PV with TRNSYS simulation tool and analyzed the bifacial gain in Seoul, Daejeon, Jeju according to 8 installation and operation condition by year, month and days. Based on the results, We suggested an operating method that can improve the power generation performance of the bifacial PV module.

수도권 열병합발전이 송전망 이용회피에 미치는 영향 산정 Computation and the Effects on the Usage of Transmission Network Capacity of Metropolitan Area Co-Generation

Yong-Ha Kim ; Jong-Min Park ; Jea-Hoon Jung ; You-Rim Choi ; Tae-Hun Lim

With the world`s highest density of transmission network, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Korea to build additional transmission network. Under these circumstances, decentralized power activation is a must, not an option. However, it sees the overload problem in the metropolitan area as insufficient to solve it through a traditional, distributed power source. Cogeneration is expected to serve as an alternative to eliminating transmission network congestion, as it is not only located in power demand but also contributes to power supply and can be operated immediately upon power peak, and is highly valuable as a distributed power source. However, due to differences in definitions of avoidance of transmission network according to views, the contribution of the cogeneration system is not clearly recognized for its contribution. In this paper, the benefits of using the power grid for the combined heat and power generation in the Metropolitan area were quantitatively calculated in terms of capacity[KRW/kW] and energy generation[KRW/kWh] by considering the operating conditions of the various power systems. The results were obtained by applying them to the Korea Power Corporation's 2018 power system and analyzed using the PowerWorld Simulator. As a result, we were able to learn that the cogeneration system in the metropolitan area has greatly contributed to avoiding the use of the transmission network in terms of power generation capacity and energy generation.

원격검침 시스템의 빅데이터를 활용한 공동주택 단지의 전기설비 최적설계 용량 산정에 관한 연구 A Study on the Optimal Design Capacity Estimation of Electric Facilities in Apartment Housing Complex Utilizing Big Data of Automatic Meter Reading System

Sun-Geun Kim

In case of Korea, apartment housing accounts for a largest portion in whole residential type. For apartment construction, estimated capacity of whole apartment complex is conducted at an initial design stage. Especially, A capacity of electrical facilities of apartment complex is estimated by code and regulation. However, the electric equipment design plan tends to be designed considering the excess margin more than the actual electric equipment capacity used. In this study, electrical utilities consumption data of 5,881 residential households were collected for a year. This study shows real consumption of apartment complex is lower than current standard capacity. Thus, The proposed maximum demand power in this paper can reduce the construction cost of electrical equipment for apartments.

직접 구동형 풍력 발전을 위한 멀티 모듈 영구자석형 발전기의 벡터 제어 Vector Control of Multiple-module PM-type Generator for Direct-drive Wind Turbines

Byeong-Guk Jeong ; Seon-Hwan Hwang

This paper proposes an efficient current control algorithm and a suitable power conversion system of a multiple-module permanent magnet generator (MM-PMG) for large-scale direct-drive wind turbines. The MM-PMG is composed of multiple-module structures based on an independent three-phase configuration. In this paper, the single-phase current control applying the d-q transformation and the independent three-phase dqn-axes current control are proposed for the generator-side control of the MM-PMG. The control performance and characteristics of the single-phase dq-axes current control with a variable cutoff frequency and the independent three-phase dqn-axes current control using a concept of vector control are analyzed. As a result, the independent three-phase dqn-axes current control by using the vector control is an appropriate method to efficiently control the generator-side of the MM-PMG. The validity and usefulness of the proposed independent three-phase dqn-axes current control algorithm are verified and compared through several experimental results.

초고압 전력기기의 부분방전 인공지능 인식 알고리즘 적용 연구 A Study on the Application of Artificial Intelligence Recognition Algorithm for Partial Discharge of Ultra-High Voltage Power Equipments

Chang-Hwan Ahn

In this study, a study was conducted to improve the defect recognition rate by converting the PRPS Raw-Data acquired in the event of partial discharge of high voltage power equipment into PRPD type and using the extracted parameter as input data of artificial intelligence algorithm. As a result, it was confirmed that sufficient recognition rate was obtained to accurately recognize the type of defect compared to the conventional partial discharge recognition method using the input image. Since it is much more advantageous in terms of computational speed than image recognition method, it is reasonable to use artificial intelligence algorithm method using parameter as a way to process vast signals generated in the field. There is no authorized regulation on the recognition rate of partial discharge measurements. The only recognition rate presented by the Korea Electric Power Corporation purchase specification is 90%. Considering this, the recognition rate obtained in this study is more than 99%, which shows that the learning speed and recognition rate are improved compared to the existing method.

아크플래시로 인한 사고를 줄이기 위해 아크의 자외선 파장과 노이즈 검출 Reducing Damage from Arc-Flash Accident with Ultraviolet Wavelength and Noise Detection

Dae-Sik Lim ; Jin-O Kim

Arcflash accident takes approximately 40% of entire domestic accident. The problem with arcflash accidents is that when the duration of arc increases, the size of arcflash accidents increases. When arc occurs, the electrical characteristics change depending on the type of load, such as frequency, voltage, and current. Most of arc detection methods are based on using characteristic changes such as voltage, current in high frequency band. So when arcflash accident occurs, the most important part is to detect arc and generate trip signal immediately. Moreover, arc detection system should be precise not to affect normal operation. In this study, we propose a method for high speed detection with combining detection of specific wave length of UV ray and high frequency component of arc. The proposed system is configured to distinguish arc with its UV wave length and high frequency component then generate a trip signal. Conventional arc protection system has intrinsic delay time not to affect normal operation. The proposed system can minize that delay time to generate trip signal compared to conventional system.

서지방호장치의 접지도체에 유도되는 전압이 방호성능에 미치는 영향 Effects of Induction Voltage from Grounding Conductor of Surge Protective Devices on Protective Performance

Bok-Hee Lee ; Yang-Woo Yoo ; Yoo-Ha Kim

Surge protective device(SPD) is installed to discharge surge voltages and currents invaded to communication or power lines to the ground. The protective performance of SPDs depend on methods of connecting the grounding conductors of SPDs and equipment to be protected. This paper presents experimental results of effects of induction voltage from grounding conductors of SPDs on their protective performance. The protective effects of SPDs were investigated in cases where the grounding conductor is connected to the grounding terminal close to SPD or equipment. Also electrostatic and electromagnetic induction voltages to communication or power lines from grounding conductor of SPDs were examined. As a result, the residual voltage between the power line and grounding terminal of equipment to be protected is significantly higher than the clamping voltage of SPD when the grounding conductor of SPD is connected to the grounding terminal close to the equipment due to the induction of grounding conductor. However, the residual voltage is minimized when the grounding conductor and communication or power lines are installed very close to each other. The impulse voltages caused by electrostatic and electromagnetic induction to communication or power lines from the grounding conductor of SPDs were decreased with increasing the distance between the grounding conductor and communication or power lines.