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Title The Development Of Replacement Priority Selection Tool And Lcc Analysis Tool For Establishment Of Led Lighting Supply Roadmap
Authors Gi-Hoon Kim ; Chan-Young Lee
Page pp.17-24
ISSN 1225-1135
Keywords LED lIghting ; Road/Tunnel Lighting ; Replacement Selection Priority ; LCC Analysis ; Economic Evaluation ; LED Lighting Supply Roadmap
Abstract This dissertation developed the priority selection tool and LCC (Life Cycle Cost Planning) analysis tool to effectively replace the traditional road/tunnel lightings with LED lighting. To carry this out, the current product family and replacement LED product family are selected, and then the factors of priority are selected in advance. The selections then are used to develop the replacement priority selection tool. And developed a LCC analysis tool to analyze cost occurring within the life cycle of the facility when replaced traditional lighting with LED lighting. These were exploited to establish a roadmap for an effective LED supply of the road/tunnel lighting system based on the Rational Energy Utilization Act.