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Title A Calculation of the LEDs Combination Ratio of Window Lighting for Spectrum and Image of Real Sky
Authors In-Tae Kim ; An-Seop Choi
Page pp.1-7
ISSN 1225-1135
Keywords Spectrum Matching ; Sky Light ; Window Lighting ; Real Sky Image
Abstract To plan human centric lighting suitable for occupants, it is desirable to provide light similar to daylight. In order to provide light similar to daylight, a number of researches have been conducted on a methodology of realizing a spectrum similar to a daylight spectrum by combining a light emitting diode (LED) chip having a specific peak wavelength. The spectrum matching methodology proposed in previous studies offers monochromatic artificial lighting that resembles spectrum of daylight. If the methodology is applied to artificial luminous ceiling or artificial window lighting installed for communication with the outside without daylight, monochromatic light cannot be expected to give satisfactory communication effect for occupants even if its spectrum is same as daylight. Accordingly, this study developed a methodology for calculating combination ratio of multi LED chips matched with spectrum of daylight and embodying non-monochromatic real sky image for artificial luminous ceiling or artificial window lighting that can be applied to underground space, windowless space, submarine, and so in.