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Title Maximizing Life Cycle of Switching Component Optimizing Control Method related to Load Type
Authors Jae-Man Ryu ; Chang-Su Huh
Page pp.8-15
ISSN 1225-1135
Keywords Latching Relay ; Remote Switch ; Relay Contact ; Hybrid Relay ; Contact Lifetime
Abstract The ability to optimize control of switching component for maximizing lifetime is central to the development of advanced and practical LED lighting and internet of things, which consist of the distributed remote switching and frequently uses. Significant damage by induced arc or fuse at contact components of switching systems increase the failure of system operation and cost for maintenance for high capacitive loads. In this paper, we demonstrate that hybrid system for maximizing life cycles of switching components by optimizing the switching timing and algorithm with the microprocessor with various load type including resistive, inductive and capacitive. With fine control of zero point cross of voltage or current and detection of phase shift of each values, we observe the damage free contact performance under any type of loads as well as excessive inrush currents. Our results pave the way for development of the high-performance latching relay devices.