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Title Optimal Design Element Detection of Rogowski Coil for Lightning Current Detection Through Simulation
Authors Jong-Hyuk Lee ; Jin-O Kim
Page pp.16-22
ISSN 1225-1135
Keywords Rogowski Coil ; Lightning Storke Current ; Withstanding Voltage ; Dielectric Strength
Abstract It is important to design the dielectric strength of load devices in preventing and reducing accidents caused by lightning storke current. The measurement of accurate lightning storke current is used to determine impulse withstanding voltage in design of dielectric strength. The current sensor is required to design the product which has accuracy and economic efficiency. Rogowski coil is selected to measure the range of 100kA lightning storke current. Therefore design element which is needed to design of Rogowski coil is analyzed through MATLAB simulation, A parameter value according to the structure of the coil (diameter of Rowgowski coil, number of turns at an fixed external diameter) is calculated, Optimum design factors were selected for measuring lightning storke current.