Title Examining the Natural Ventilation Performanceof Alternative Designs for Extension-Remodeling of Aged Apartments
Authors 김영우(Kim, Young-Woo) ; 최영준(Choi, Young-Jun) ; 백수연(Baek, Soo-Yeon)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2020.36.11.3
Page pp.3-13
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Aged Apartment Remodeling; Natural Ventilation; Open-Lintel Door System; Sustainable Built Environment
Abstract During the past decades, Korea has promoted apartments as the most efficient means for housing provision. Complying to the national economy of the past, early apartments were built with load-bearing wall structures with minimal floor heights and systems. As those apartments began to deteriorate, we have been witnessing numerous renewal projects where the aged apartments are fully demolished. Recently, with the rising awareness on the importance of a sustainable built environment, apartment remodeling is being attempted as the alternative renewal method for the aged apartments. However, the aforementioned physical conditions force remodeled apartments as being “inferior in terms of in-door air quality.” In this regard, this study 1) proposes alternative remodeling designs that provide enhanced natural ventilation and 2) objectively examine their natural ventilation performances, compared to the current remodeling designs. This study should contribute towards the promotion of apartment remodeling, and ultimately, a more sustainable built environment.