Title The Infrastructure Service Index for Citizen’s Life Quality Improvement
Authors 이슬기(Lee, Seul-Ki) ; 강태경(Kang, Tai-Kyung)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2020.36.11.55
Page pp.55-64
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Quality of Citizen Life; Needs of Citizen; Infrastructure; Sufficiency
Abstract This study aimed to confirm the possibility of developing objective indexes for setting priorities and goals for the investment of government funds in infrastructure by examining citizens' demands for quality of life improvements. This study proposed a model that evaluates infrastructure service as a reflection of citizens’ demands. The evaluation items of this model consisted of usability, accessibility, and recovery speed that citizens in the fields of transportation, water, energy, telecom, waste&environment, and living can experience. And the evaluation scale consisted of the likert 5-point scale for usability, and the average duration required for accessibility and recovery speed. Based on previous studies related to quality of life assessment, operating cases involving infrastructure assessment systems in advanced countries, and goals and guidelines for improving each sector of infrastructure that the government and public institutions have established. In order to verify the necessity of the proposed model, the infrastructure service was surveyed for 1,250 Seoul citizens. As a result, we confirmed that there are regional differences in demand and priority. It is expected to serve as the basis for establishing infrastructure policies to improve the people's living quality by continuously monitoring the demands of citizens through the development of the infrastructure service index.