Title A Study on the Guidelines for Prevention of Infectious Diseases in the Pre-Planning Stage of Green Smart School
Authors 정지원(Jeong, Ji-Won) ; 김하영(Kim, Ha-Yeong) ; 이형연(Lee, Hyeong-Yeon) ; 장정우(Jang, Jeong-Woo) ; 정종근(Jeong, Jong-Keun) ; 유해연(Yoo, Hae-Yeon)
DOI https://doi.org/10.5659/JAIK.2023.39.4.99
Page pp.99-110
ISSN 2733-6247
Keywords Green Smart School; Pre-Planning; Infectious Disease; Guidelines; High School
Abstract With the outbreak of COVID-19, various facilities have attempted to prevent infectious diseases through software methods. In particular, educational facilities have coped with infectious diseases by controlling the number of students attending school, having non-face-to-face classes, installing partitions, and preventing unspecified people from using spaces. This response has had limitations in that when another infectious disease later occurs, there is no choice but to respond only in the same way again. In addition, the pre-planning stage becomes essential, and as the Education Facility Act is revised, the design technique of infection prevention should be applied first. Therefore, this study designed a space plan from an architectural perspective to implement a future curriculum based on the Green Smart School project and prevent infectious diseases in high schools where space changes are essential due to the high school credit system. Furthermore, detailed design guidelines were prepared so that they could be applied in the pre-planning research stage.