A Study on Economic Feasibility Evaluation by Improving the Energy Saving Performance of Green Remodeling Buildings Employing the Interests Support Program in Private Sectors

정유미(Jung, Ue-mee) ; 손동욱(Sohn, Dong-wook) ; 김소연(Kim So-yeon) ; 장경은(Jang Kyung-Eun) ; 박성남(Park, Sung-nam) ; 권혜인(Kwon, Hye-in) ; 문보람(Moon, Bo-ram)

A Study on the Guidelines for Prevention of Infectious Diseases in the Pre-Planning Stage of Green Smart School

정지원(Jeong, Ji-Won) ; 김하영(Kim, Ha-Yeong) ; 이형연(Lee, Hyeong-Yeon) ; 장정우(Jang, Jeong-Woo) ; 정종근(Jeong, Jong-Keun) ; 유해연(Yoo, Hae-Yeon)