The Korean Journal of Construction Engineering and Management (KJCEM) is the official, academic journal of the Korean Institute of Construction Engineering and Management (KICEM). It aims to promote and share knowledge on construction engineering and management for successful implementation and provision of capital assets both domestically and internationally.

The journal invites research focused on identifying and formalizing approaches to improve construction management practices in contract and tender strategies, organization structures, project cost and schedule control, and supply chain logistics. It also welcomes studies exploring emerging Information Technologies (such as Building Information Modeling, Artificial Intelligence and mobile/cloud computing), and next-generation construction technologies (including Intenet Of Things, Virtual and Augmented Reality, modularization, robotics and intelligent equipment) to ensure successful project delivery.

KJCEM offers a unique forum for knowledge dissemination related to the Korean AECO industry, which provide engineering and construction services to a wide range of assets including high-rise buildings, high-tech manufacturing plants (e.g., semi-conductor, biotech, etc.), and state-of-the-art infrastructure in local and global markets. Research related to these aspects and specialties should thus be of interest to both Korean and international audiences.

To achieve these aims, the journal publishes peer-reviewed original articles, review articles, and case reports, in Korean or English, bimonthly, covering theoretical foundations, empirical case developments, and novel applications of systems and technologies.