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An Uncertainty Analysis of Calculating Life Cycle Maintenance and Energy Costs for Technical Proposals

Chung, Sung Young ; Kim, Sean Hay

Improvement of the Evaluation Method for VE Alternatives using the Risk Assessment Process

Park, Jin-Ho ; Jin, Zheng-xun ; Hyun, Chang-taek ; Kim Hyun-joo ; Kwon, Suk-hyun

An Estimating Model for Job-Site Overhead Costs according to Porgress Rate

Jeong, Kichang ; Lee, Jaeseob

Evaluation of Tension of PSC Box Girder Bridges Using Risk Matixr

Kim, Hyungjo ; Ji, Seunggu ; Kim, Hunkyom ; Kim, Pilsoo ; Kim, Hunkyom ; Lee, Minjae

A Study on the Design of Non-working Days Process by Analyzing Business Information

Kim, Beop-su ; Bang, Hong-soon ; Choi, Byung-Ju ; Kim, Ok-kyue

Development of an Adjustable Beam Bracket for Beam Table Form - Conceptual Design and Structural Stability Analysis -

Hong, Yu-Na ; Yeom, Dong-Jun ; Yoo, Hyun-Seok ; Kim, Young Suk

Risk Assessment and Contingency Prediction considering Work Characteristics for Modular Plant Construction Projects

Kang, Hyunwook ; Kim, Jongwook ; Kim, Yongsu

A Risk Assessment Counterplan for Reducing the Accident Rates in Medium and Small sized Construction Sites

Jang, Yun-Ra ; Go, Seong-Seok