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A Basic Study on Effective Adjustment Method for Construction Escalation/De-Escalation Price

Sung, Ju-yong ; Kim, Dong-jin ; Lee, Min-jae

A Study on Development of Owner's Standard Specification Structure for Modular Building

Nam, Sunghoon ; Park, Honggeon ; Kim, Kyungrai

CM at Risk Case Study on Guaranteed Maximum Price Contract - Focused on Cases for USA -

Jeong, Jinhak ; Han, Jonghoon ; Lee, Joosung ; Ahn, Yonghan

Analysis of the Impact of Construction Planning Tasks on Project Cost and Schedule Success in Residential Projects

Kim, Dae Young ; Lim, Hyoungchul ; Kim, Daeyoung ; Huh, Youngki

Analysis of Major Management Factors Affecting Crew Productivity in Road Bridge Construction Site Using IPA

Huh, Young-Ki ; Lee, Sang-Ho

A Management Plan of the Resources for Emergency Medical Facility at Disaster Site

Song, Youngsub ; Suh, Sangwook ; Yoon, Yousang

Trend Analysis of Corporate Sustainability Management Strategies of Construction Contractors in Korea

Kim, Jae Wook ; Kim, Han Soo

A Study on the Functional Analysis of Parking Lot Expansion Technology using Technology-Tree

Youn, Bohyung ; Choi, Jaewook ; Park, Sungpyo ; Kim, Taewan ; Lee, Chansik

A Study on Reconstruction and Remodeling's Selection Factors of Old Apartment Houses Using PROMETHEE-AHP

Yoo, Seung-Min ; Kwon, Oh-kyung ; Choi, Yoonki

Variations of Building Methods and Costs of Modernized Hanok Test-bed Projects

Seo, Nuri ; Kang, Seunghee ; Lee, Yunsub ; Jin, Zhenhui ; Jeong, Yeheun ; Jung, Youngsoo