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Analysis of Construction Policy System for Quality Assurance o Cf onstruction Used Steels

Yoon, Jongsik ; Yu, Ilhan ; Kim, Kyungrai ; Jung, Daewoon

An Empirical Analysis on the Working Conditions of Construction Technician

Yang, Jinkook ; Lee, Taeshin ; Lee, Jongmin ; Lee, Sangbeom

Development of Model Requirements Checklist for Utilizing BIM in Construction Phase - Focused on the MEP -

Kim, Woojin ; Park, Jinho ; Cha, Yongwoon ; Hyun, Changtaek ; Han, Sangwon

A Study on Improving Architect Property Insurance for Safety Accidents of Building

Kim, Myeongsoo

Effects of Weather Factors on the Work Loss Days of the Elderly Workers

Choi, Jaewook ; Kim, Taewan ; Lee, Chansik

The Economic Analysis of Underground Parking Lot Frames adopting 8-Bay Parking Modules

Yu, Yongsin ; Yoon, Bohyung ; Kim, Minsu ; Kim, Taewan ; Lee, Chansik

Performance Indicator and its Application for Evaluation of Construction Infrastructure in North Korea

Kim, Minju ; Kim, Sangyup ; Oh, Sangmin ; Cho, Hunhee ; Kang, Kyung-In

Analyzing the Relationship between Dynamic Capability of Project-Based Organization and the Competitive Advantage in the E&C Companies

Jin, Sangjoon ; Oh, Minjeong ; Kim, Seungchul

A Study on Establishing Entry Strategies of Private Engineering Firms in the Overseas Urban Development Market

Song, Hokyoung ; Yu, Youngsu ; Koo, Bonsang

Success Factors of Scheduling in Small-Scale Building Construction with Owner-CM Delivery Method

Kim, Seon-Gyoo ; Kim, Junyoung