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Development of A Prototype for Wall Formwork Designs using Open BIM

Jin, Chengquan ; Kim, Hyunjoo ; Hyun, Chang-Taek ; Han, Sang-Won

Analyzing the Competence of Construction Engineers in Apartment Construction

Kim, Hu Yong ; Kim, Yea Sang

An Analysis of Characteristics of Professional Qualifications for Constructor and Quantity Surveyor in China

Han, Guang ; Shin, Kyoo-chul

Anlysis of the Environmental Load Impact Factors for IPC Girder Bridge Using Principal Component Anlysis

Kim, Joon-Soo ; Jeon, Jin-Gu ; Kim, Byung-Soo

Analysis on Consciousness of Shifting Responsibility triggering Safety accidents at Construction Sites

Oh, Gyusun ; Kim, Hyunbin ; Han, Sangwon ; Hyun, Changtaek ; Cha, Yongwoon

A Study on Improvement Plan to Enhancing the Effectiveness of Technical Guidance Project for Safety Control of Small Construction Site

Lim, HyoungChul ; Beak, NakKyu ; Kim, DaeYoung ; Jeong, SeongChoon

Development of Environmental Load Estimating Model for Maintaining NATM Tunnel

Kim, Daae ; Kim, Sangtae ; Kim, Kyoungsu ; Lee, Juhyun

A Checklist and Manual Developed to Review Fire Safety Facilities' Compliance with Fire Safety Requirements for Apartment Buildings

Jeong, Soo-jin ; Park, Yoo-na ; Kim, Jae-jun