Title A Study on Analysis and Improvement of Furniture Work for Just-in-Time
Authors Kim, Hyun-Woo ; Song, Young-Woong ; Ahn, Jae-Bong ; Choi, Yoon-Ki
Page pp.71-78
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Furniture Work ; Just-In-Time ; Lean Construction
Abstract In this study, the concept of Just-In-Time, Lean Construction and Supply Chain Management have been applied to furniture works of highrise residental building. For the purpose of systematic furniture work planning, it should be established to analyse furniture-work process from design phase through contract, and procurement to construction phase. The analysis of process and data for furniture-work provides the roles of conducting subjects and presents management items at each phase. This proposal will provide the systematic furniture-work managements and reduce construction time and cost, and also raise the quality of furniture works.