Title Development of an Effective Time Scheduling Mechanism of the Structural Framework for the High-rise Apartment Housing : Focusing on One Cycle Time Scheduling Mechanism of Typical Floor
Authors Han, Choong-Hee ; Bang, Jong-Dae
Page pp.87-96
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords form work ; basic schedule ; time shortening ; schedule mechanism
Abstract The construction duration in apartment construction is an important factor which affects project cost. Henceforth, the time shortening is essential to retrench project cost and project risk when there adopt Five-Day Workweek and introduce apartment sales after completion of construction. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine closely the affecting factors on the duration of framework which forms about 40~50 percent of total time in apartment construction by analyzing the schedule mechanism of typical floor and to show the reasonable time shortening methods by case study. The shown schedule mechanism and basic schedule table can utilize as a guideline in case of scheduling of framework in the existing construction method. Also, the shown time shortening methods by three case studies will guide the direction and process of time shortening while there need time shortening in many-sided projects.