Title Application of the 3D CAD Model Data for 4D Simulation and Quantity Estimation
Authors Lee, Jae-Cheol
Page pp.107-114
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords 3D CAD Model Information ; Scheduling ; Quantity Estimation ; 4D CAD Model
Abstract This paper represents the application of the 3D CAD Model data for 4D simulation and quantity estimation. These support the effective and practical use of 4D CAD model. By using and manipulating the 3D CAD model information, scheduling and quantity estimation could be developed more quickly and effectively. So the 3D CAD model information is made use of not only drawing a blueprint but also playing an important part of data integration platform. The scheduling module sets up the schedule generation logic that consists of period, priority of element arrangement, and time lag of floor placement. It sorts the working items as a priority of working process. And the quantity estimation module queries the material quantity of the structural elements according to the scheduling conditions. These two modules are developed using the 3D CAD model information and assist the function of 4D CAD model.