Title Dvelopment of assessment manual for Environmentally friendly Control of Waste in the Army
Authors Park, Chung-Woo ; Suh, Sang-Wook ; Lee, Chan-Sik ; Kim, In-Ho
Page pp.115-121
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Environmentally friendly management ; Waste ; Checklist ; Manual
Abstract The purpose of this study is to develop checklist and manual in order to control and manage military construction project in an environmentally friendly way during each stage in construction. The main contents of the study are as follows. 1) Checklists and manual are developed for reviewing the construction project in advance to meet environment codes and regulations during each stage of project. 2) Critical check points of environment management program focused on waste are identified. 3) A new construction paradigm in harmony with sound environment is established through the application of program for proactive waste control. The study also recommends that, as a future research, the development of a web-based manual be developed for more easy applications in general construction project.