Title Improvement of Construction Management for Building Remodeling Projects
Authors Yeo, Un-Yong ; Yoon, You-Sang ; Suh, Sang-Wook ; Lim, Byung-Wook
Page pp.122-129
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords LCC(Life cycle cost) ; feasibility ; decision-making
Abstract The purpose of this study is to propose a way that improves the construction management for remodeling of building. The study attempts to deal with the case study for application and suggests some positive and negative lessons. The main contents and results of the study are as follows.
(1) Through the repetitive joint meetings among the various participants, decision making for the remodeling process can be speeded up.
(2) Clear work order and communication for work scope can be accomplished by using perspective drawing in design phase.
(3) Reliable construction planning and scheduling for remodeling of building can be proposed through case study.
(4) By a sound survey, conflict elements can be resolved in advance. Also reasonable procurement plan of equipments and multiskilled labor can be important factors to keep a construction schedule in time.
(5) Through the comparison a case project with other sites having a similar work scope, improvement effect in a time and cost aspect was analyzed quantitatively.
The study also recommends that, as a future research, the remodeling process model be developed for more general applications in remodeling of building.