Title Collection and Utilization of the Construction Labor Information Using PDA and Barcode
Authors Oh, Se-Wook ; Kim, Young-Suk ; Lee Jun-Bok ; Kim Han-Soo
Page pp.65-75
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Information technology ; Construction Labor ; Productivity ; Scheduling ; Labor cost ; Trade contractor
Abstract Labor management has been considered as an important task in construction industry. However, labor management has not yet been systematically performed because of the wide variety of factors of construction industry such as the field work, the complexity of the work process, the daily employment. Most of the present labor managements are performed to collect the information of the number of labors input during the work period, and to calculate labor cost. The information of activities performed by labors can be effectively used to analyze project status related to schedule, cost and productivity, but the present labor management systems are not based on the activities. The main objective of this research is to develop a labor information management system using IT tools in order to measure the number of labors input on the activities, and to convert the labor information into productivity data. It is anticipated that the effective use of the developed system would be able to effectively assist the scheduling and cost management of a project.