Title A Study on the Selection Model of Retaining Wall Methods Using Case-Based Reasoning
Authors Kim, Jae-Yeob ; Park, U-Yeol ; Kim, Gwang-Hee ; Kim, Joong-Koo
Page pp.76-83
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords retaining wall methods ; case-based reasoning ; selection model
Abstract There is a greater importance for underground work designed and built in the urban areas when it comes to considering the costeffectiveness and the period of construction commensurate with an increasing trend of skyscrapers. At this stage of underground work, it's extremely necessary to choose a proper earth retaining method. However, a frequent change order during construction happens in Korea where different performers design and construct separately, so there is a great possibility for the change order to affect the aspects of construction cost and period which normally define the outcome of construction work. Therefore, the study has suggested the rational retaining wall method by developing the case-based reasoning model as a tool to choose a proper retaining wall method applied at the stage of selecting the earth retaining method. Applying the 'CBR Model' developed in the study to the designing and developing stages of the earth retaining work will contribute to the successful outcomes by decreasing any changes of design from implementing the earth retaining work.