Title A Study on Schedule Management in Construction Projects by CCPM
Authors Park, Young-Min ; Kim, Soo-Yong ; Kim, Ki-Young
Page pp.84-92
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords CCPM ; PERT/CPM ; Critical Chain ; Time Management
Abstract Construction work varies with the project types. However, the success of all project types depends upon three conditions i.e. schedule, quality and cost. If these three conditions are fulfilled, then project said to be successful. In this paper, scheduling of a construction Project has been dealt with the application of CCPM method. CCPM has been introduced as a new theory in construction industry in 1997 at the United States, but its application is still insufficient in domestic field due to the absence of systematic study. A simulation has been conducted in a Bridge construction project to validate the possibility of CCPM in order to complement PERT/CPM in construction field. The result of study shows that the CCPM could be effective to reduce the project time duration than existing PERT/CPM technique.