Title Developing an Organization Model through the analysis of Organization Characteristics and Management Performances of Domestic Large Construction Firms
Authors Kim, Yong-Gu ; Kim, Sun-Kuk
Page pp.109-116
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Organization Structure Model ; Organization LifeCycle ; Organizational Structure
Abstract Recently, many korean construction companies have faced many environmental changes and demands for external changes. This demand for external
changes is necessary for all companies that is under the survival of fittest. The internal/external of environmental changes affect the organizations of
company largely, and these management organizations have relation with the corporate of management performance closely. In response to that, to be adapted to the environmental change and to raise the corporate of management performance, the construction companies have tried to change the
organizations such as organization re-design, organization re-build, organization innovation. Because the organizational structure that is preventive in the growth of companies bring a negative effect, the companies need to have the effective organizations to raise the corporate value. The effective organizations could be used the important indicator that builds the corporate goals and manages the organizations. Also, the organization development and organization management can prepare for environmental changes can be the important base to increase the management performance. Therefore, After surveying and analyzing the character of organization structure in respect to the OLC, this study present the Organization Structure Model that can design the appropriate organization by the growth of companies.