Title CPM Bar Chart Technique for Construction Scheduling
Authors Kim, Kyung-Hwan ; Kim, Soo-Yoo ; Kim, Jae-Jun
Page pp.135-142
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords CPM ; bar chart ; scheduling ; resource leveling
Abstract This paper proposes the CPM bar chart (CBC), a hybrid of the bar chart and the critical path method (CPM). The CBC overcomes shortages of the fenced bar chart, while still keeping advantages. The fence with direction is applied instead of the broken fence, which triggers considerable problems to identify and apply in the fenced bar chart. In addition, the notorious task to find dummy activities is no longer required. Upon the benefits of simplicity in the bar chart and logical work sequence in the CPM network, the CBC provides a relatively easy way to create and understand a schedule, thus improving communication quality between project participants. With the advantages, the CBC can also be effectively applied to various scheduling techniques such as resource constrained scheduling, resource leveling, scheduling with activity split, delay impact analysis, etc.