Title A Study on the Construction Method selecting scheme using Fuzzy Relative Preference Ratio method
Authors Lee, Dong-Un ; Kim, Kyung-Whal
Page pp.143-150
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Fuzzy AHP method ; R.P.R. Method ; Fuzzy ; Fuzzy preference function ; Construction method selection
Abstract Nowaday, The tendency of complexity and extension of construction fields increase the need for efficient works managements like a construction management. Consequently, by the introduction of Decision-Making Theories, researches for improving construction field's efficiencies are actively performed. Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process method is invented, so that describes a decision maker's ambiguous linguistic judgment with fuzzy numbers. but most of researches on Fuzzy-AHP use symmetric triangular fuzzy function for estimating each evaluation item with the consequence that exact judgments are impossible. those limits are caused by the point that employed fuzzy ranking methods can not support dissymmetric fuzzy numbers. In this research, we aims to overcome this problem with R.P.R(Relative Preference Ratio) method and suggest improved Fuzzy-AHP method which can use dissymmetric fuzzy triangular numbers.