Title A Study For An Improved BTL Project Delivery Method
Authors Kim, Chang-Duk ; Park, Hye-Sin ; Lee, Mun-Jae ; Yu, Jeong-Ho
Page pp.53-63
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords SOC ; BTL ; DBFO ; FCDO
Abstract Since 2005, the government began to introduce and promote a new project delivery system, BTL (Build, Transfer, and Lease),in order to provide high level of public services for the upgraded quality of life and to boost the domestic and local constructioneconomy. However, the lack of experiences in the new system by the constituents from diverse economic sectors brought anumber of drawbacks from each constituent's perspective such as improperly low earning rate, excessive expenses forpreparation of the project proposal, imbalanced regulations, heavy cost and procedures to establish SPC, the ineffectivestructure of the consortium, the short-term oriented evaluation criteria for the selection and so forth. These drawbacks turnedout to be obstacles for the successful BTL projects. Hence, this paper analyzes the above issues and conducts the interviewswith the professionals from the diverse sectors in order to propose the changes to resolve those for the improvement and finallyto deliver the successful BTL projects for the diverse public owners.