Title Estimating Construction Cost for Small-Sized Apartment Unit
Authors Lee, YooSeob ; Huh, Youngki ; Kang, Taekyung ; Cho, Hunhee
Page pp.94-104
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords 공동주택 ; 분양가상한제 ; 건축비 ; 공사비추정
Abstract The changed Korean government law associated with the public apartment housing supply, so called the °ÆApartment SalesPrice Cap°Ø, requires new system for estimating construction cost in order to set appropriate price. A model apartment projectwas carefully designed and its construction cost were analyzed in many different ways. Based on the analyses outcomes,1,028,000 Won/m2 (excluding cost for underground parking lot) is the most appropriate Price Cap for a smaller than 85ß≥apartment unit. Further, it was revealed that the price have to be adjusted reflecting such factors as underground size; structuralsystem; external complex quality; and consumer preferences.
Findings from this study will enable the Korean government to realize faster and better application of the related laws. Themethodology for obtaining appropriate apartment construction cost will also benefit for future researchers.