Title A Proposal for Development of the Certification and Level System of Construction Craft Workers
Authors Kim, Bong-Ju ; Jung, Myung-Ho ; Moon, Hyun-Seok ; Hyun, Chang-Taek ; Koo, Kyo-Jin
Page pp.105-114
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Construction Craft Workers ; Certification & Level System ; Career Development Program
Abstract The construction craft workers have been getting older and have become drained, in spite of the vital factor that it directlyaffects productivity and quality as a final producer. This situation in the construction industry is ultimately due to evasion ofperformances by young craft workers. Therefore, the aim of this study is to propose the certification and level system ofconstruction craft workers and to extract young craft workers from the market for construction craft workers so as to supply anddemand high quality of craft workers. First of all, the present status and problems of the domestic construction craft workers areconsidered in this study. Furthermore, the appropriate way to establish its certification and level system is suggested from theinterview with experts, as well as references of German and Australian case. The revitalization of certification and level systemprovided in this study is expected to ensure that the craft workers are not simple laborers, but are required the professionalknowledge and skill. Besides, it will lead to strengthen specificity and to break from aging, by taking young and qualified craftworkers into the construction industry. Also, it will promote an employment stability by connecting the social security system.