Title The Improvement of Curtain Wall Design Process using Value Stream Mapping Tools
Authors Kim, Chang-Duk ; Lee, Sang-Hyuk
Page pp.128-137
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Value Stream Mapping ; Curtain Wall Process ; Muda ; Wastes ; Curtain Wall Design Process
Abstract This paper is to develop curtain wall process life-cycle system in high-rise buildings in order to establish effective cooperationcommunication channels among the diverse constituents. This paper is to provide a base toward a curtain wall life-cyclemanagement system to support decision making and the effective flow in light of information and materials. The four objectivesof the research are 1)the analysis of the current curtain wall life-cycle process, 2)the analysis and development of the curtainwall design process As-Is model, and 3)the Muda analysis of the design process As-Is model and the suggestion of theimprovements, 4) the development of curtain wall design To-Be model and comparative analysis of the improvement in terms ofvalue streams. This research indicates the wastes decrease (or the values increase) from 6.7% up to 100% in different decisioncriteria through the improvement by the comparative analysis between the As-Is and To-Be curtain wall design process. Thisresearch suggests the potential improvement by VSM and a curtain wall life-cycle management system in curtain wallconstruction for diverse constituents be significant.