Authors Ji, Kun-Chang ; Yu, Jung-Ho ; Kim, Chang-Duk
Page pp.138-148
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Schedule Delay ; Root cause analysis method ; schema of Schedule delay analysis
Abstract In constructing projects, there exist various kinds of work interferences, which cause a delay of the outset and completion ofplanned schedule because of some attributions, such as variability, uncertainty and complexity, and so schedule delay has beentreated as a natural phenomenon. To reduce or prevent the schedule delay, a constant confirmation of schedule delay and apreparation of counter plans for finding out the cause structure of schedule delay should have been done.
However, all this time the research has been mostly done on the calculation method or claim cases of schedule delay, and therange of analysis method of the cause structure of schedule delay has been multifarious from industrial views to views of specificwork. Moreover, the classifying system and analysis method did not consider the trait, which cause the schedule delay, inconstructing projects. For this reason, it is difficult to compare the cause of delay factors of the projects and to understand theeffect of schedule delay by each factor.
This paper restricts the range of the cause analysis of schedule delay to the field of site management in the projects and dividesthe cause structure of schedule delay into the cause objects and cause attributes of schedule delay according to the inputelements. The system of classifying causes of schedule delay is examined by interviews with experts and questionnaire.Additionally, this paper analyzes the attributes of cause attributes and cause subjects and presents the analysis method andprocedure of schedule delay with the application of VSM.