Title Development of a Prototype Equipment for Road Stripe RemovingUsing High Pressure Water-Jet
Authors Kim, Kyoon-Tai ; Han, Jae-Goo ; Kwon, Soon-Wook
Page pp.149-158
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords water-jet ; road stripes ; construction automation ; work process analysis ; safety ;
Abstract Current removing process is labor intensive and time consuming, employing a conventional grinding type manual machine.This manual tasks trigger various dangers such as unexpected traffic accidents or explosions of propane gas used for finalizingremoving process, leading to health damage and environment pollution by dusts and noxious gases. Accordingly, it is necessityfor the development of new alternative equipment.
In this paper, we have developed a prototype equipment for road stripe removing made up with a high-pressure water-jetsystem as a mobile type system. The following shows the results. First, an analysis of the current road stripe removal processshowed that it can be divided into a) preparation, b) removal and c) ground finishing. It also showed that the b) removal processrequires equipment which can cover the whole process. Second, the study compared between the productivity of the developedequipment and conventional methods, and it obtained 280% productivity improvement compared to the conventional equipment.