Title IFC test between commercial 3D CAD application using IFC
Authors Lim, Jae-In ; Kim, Jae-Woo ; Kwon, Hyuk-Do ; Yoon, Su-Won ; Kwon, Soon-Wook ; Chin, Sang-Yoon
Page pp.85-94
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords IFC ; BIM ; Interoperability test ; 3D CAD ; IFC View ; Product Model Server
Abstract The process of construction industry basically consists of many complicated phase, such as planning, design, construction, MO&R(Maintenance, Operation, and Repair), and deconstruction. And various participants communicate each other during every phase of process. Since construction components have become more complex and diverse recently, many researches on how to exchange and standardization of building. However, in Korea research on IFC(Industry Foundation Classes) which is a standard for international data exchange have been conducted with only study limited issues, such as studies on the development of 2D extension model for IFC, researches on 3D or 4D based IFC extension, and etc. This study covers tests of the compatibility among commercial 3D CAD programs using IFC file format. Several problems of the current IFC model are retrieved as a result.