Title Development of Engineering Checklist Model for Case-based Evaluation of Plant EPC Project
Authors Lee, Sang Youb ; Son, Jae Ho ; You, Young Hun ; Han, Choong Hee
Page pp.146-152
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Evaluation Model ; Checklist ; EPC project ; Engineering Process
Abstract Since the year of mid 2000, the EPC industry in Korea has the highest amount of orders received due to tremendous need form middle east asia region. However, the quality requirement from the owner is getting critical, which lead to the more competitive engineering capacity equipped. In order to do so, the development of objective and quantitative evaluation model of engineering process is essential. In order to develop the engineering checklist model for case-based evaluation of EPC project, first, the general description of worldwide EPC industry as well as the literature review of prior study have been performed. Then, the survey interview with experts in the engineering area of EPC project was performed in order to identify the engineering work tasks and the critical check items, which should be checked during engineering process. Based on these checklist, the weights of check items as well as engineering work tasks also have been defined. The developed checklist model evaluated the two EPC project cases of S company in Thailand in order to explore its applicability. From the analysis of evaluation results, it is expected that the continuous implementation of evaluation based on checklist model can help the EPC practitioner check the critical items in engineering process more efficiently and take an appropriate action for better engineering performance, which finally can lead to the Korea EPC industry being more competitive.