Title A Basic Study on the Methodology to Introduce Warranty Contracting for Pavements in Korea
Authors Kim, Tae-Song ; Seo, Yong-Chil ; Lee, Sang-Beom ; Koo, Jai-Dong
Page pp.66-74
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Performance Warranty ; Warranty Contracting ; Warranty ; Performance Specification ; Bond
Abstract Warranty contracting for pavements construction has been widely used in Europeans countries, Japan, and the U.S. and the benefits of warranty contract has been proven. This research investigated the European, U.S., and Japanese warranty contract policies and compared pros and cons. The most appropriate warranty contract policy solution is developed to fit in the Korean construction industry culture. Three main conclusions have been developed in this study: (1) performance specifications should be developed; (2) the systematic method is required to estimate the appropriate costs of performance bond and warranty period, etc.; and (3) short and long term plans for adopting performance warranty contract in Korea are suggested.