Title Selection Method of Eco-friendly Finishing Materials Considering Cost Efficiency for the Aged Housing Remodeling Projects
Authors Kim, Ki-Hyun ; Kim Kyung-Rai ; HwangYoung-Gyu
Page pp.84-91
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Remodeling ; Sustainability ; Cost Effectiveness ; Selection of Finishing Materials
Abstract Eco-friendly construction is an emerging issue in the building industry. Main purpose of the eco-friendly construction is to sustain the health and environment of building residents and to minimize the harmful effect on their environment. Apartment residents have great concern on eco-product, since many cases are reported that Sick Building Syndrome is caused by toxic substance from building materials. Environmental performance is to meet through using the highest grade eco-friendly materials. However, generally eco-friendly materials are more expensive than normal materials. Therefore, using eco-friendly materials at public housing project is limited to economical aspect. The purpose of this paper is development of eco-friendly material selection model considered cost efficiency. The selection of Eco-friendly finishing materials and their methods are constructed to consider environmental performance level and cost index compositively. Development of eco-friendly material selection method is economic and reasonable one when public housing is constructed.