Title A Process of Selecting Productivity Influencing Factors For Forecasting Construction Productivity
Authors Lim, Jae-In ; Kim, Yea-Sang ; Kim, Young-Suk ; Kim, Sang-Bum
Page pp.92-100
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Productivity Influence Factor ; Data Mining ; Productivity Forecast ; Productivity Management
Abstract Productivity is acknowledged as a very important factor for successful construction projects. Various data items collected daily form a construction site can be used for monitoring its productivity by analyzing them. However, no analytical methods for that purpose have been established in the domestic construction industry yet. Previous researches that utilized OLAP and data mining to analyze the factors that affect the productivity did not do well with predicting future cases with sufficient reliability. This research therefore proposes a new analytical process which is capable of figuring out the factors that would affect the productivity of future projects, through qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data collected from past projects.