Title Improved Method for VE Items Selection by Analysing the Required Items of Stakeholder on the Apartment in Design Phase
Authors Jeong, Ho-Geun ; Yang, Jin-Kook ; Lee, Sang-Beom
Page pp.111-119
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Design Phase VE ; Quality Model ; Required Items of Stakeholder ; AHP
Abstract VE is one of the most effective and systematic tool available to achieve the required function at minimum cost and manage in many industrial fields. The purpose of the preparation phase VE job plan is to establish a cooperation system referring to groups for the successful implementation of VE, and to achieve a common objective to collect sufficient materials required in the analysis phase. The Quality Model is used to measure the requirement of shareholders(users and owners)in the project. It also offers a guideline on decision making when executing the function definition, function arrangement, function evaluation, and the idea evaluation of VE. However, the current the preparation phase business confirms that the required items of owners and users has not suggested definite goals and directions. This study analyzes the problems of current work in the preparation phase from case study, survey and interviews of experts. It then proposes a new process after understanding the required items of owners, users and experts.