Title The Comparison and Analysis of Waste Quantity through a Case Study of Demolition Works
Authors Kim, Chang-Hak ; Lee, Kyoung-Hee ; Kim, Hyo-Jin
Page pp.131-139
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Construction Waste ; Demolition ; Deconstruction
Abstract Now, one of the greatest concerns at home and abroad is eco-friendly construction. Above all, the reduce and recycle of the construction waste may be one of the most important things. The construction waste has been produced most at demolition phase, but the research into that area has not being to make nearly within the country. Recently, as the government have realized the importance of that area, they are making research to improve traditional demolition methods. Also, they are preparing to make a raw to enforce deconstruction during demolition phase. This research has analyzed the problems and waste types which produced during the demolition works by surveying in site. Until now, in the interior, the right quantity basis has not been suggested, because of the absence of any methods to estimate it accurately. Therefore, this study has compared and analyzed owner's ordering quantity, drawing analysis quantity with measuring the waste to produced at site during demolition works. this research results are expected to be the important materials for future research into the construction waste area.