Title A Analytical Study on Governmental Regulation for the Promotion of Construction Technology Development
Authors Kim, Jae-Wook ; Kim, Sang-Bum
Page pp.140-153
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords PQ system ; Patent ; Technology development ; Construction technology
Abstract The recent stagnation of construction market draw more attention to construction technology development which is believed to be playing a important role in increasing the competitiveness of the construction industry. Thus, increasing pressures has been on the government playing a catalytic role of strengthen technology competitiveness. Hereupon, this study analyzed technology skill evaluation items of the Pre-Qualification system to facilitate construction technology development at the national level and tried to show the correlation between the PQ system and patent application through multilateral analysis of patent applications. Analysis results are intended to provide basic reference in decision-making process related to governmental regulation improvement especially on the PQ system. This research also attempted to draw implications to increase the use of technology related regulations such as patent & utility model based on PQ system analysis results. To do so, a comprehensive trend Analysis on the PQ system has been conducted from the view points of construction technology. Similar analysis has been done with the patent system & Utility model system. Based on Analysis result, implications of regulation improvements was outlined to promote construction technology development, due to eventually increase the competitiveness of Korean construction industry.