Title A Study on the Effect of TQM on the Business Performance(Quality) of Construction Company
Authors An, Min-Jae ; Park, Yong-Soo ; Kim, Eui-Sik
Page pp.163-172
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords leadership ; education·training ; participation ; business performance ; quality
Abstract This study has provided the answer which construction companies to make complete competitive factors for sustainable growth in construction industry with to 21C environment changes. So the purpose of study is to provide a guideline for establishing the strategy of existence and growth. In order to carry out this purpose of study, above all after has been reviewed Quality Management by considering the characteristics of construction companies, TQM(Total Quality Management) component and business performance, the study has been made a close inquiry in causal relationship between TQM component(leadership, education?training, participation) and business performance(quality) in construction industry. The result of the study can be summarized as follows : First, a test was conducted to whether TQM component(participation) has a significantly positive effect on business performance(quality). Second, it was found that there was a positive casual relationship between each of the TQM factors and business performance(quality). TQM factors had great influences on the business performance of construction companies. So construction companies needed to make continuous efforts to enhance the business performance through TQM approach.