Title Competency Assessment of Korean Construction Firms on International Plant Projects
Authors Jang, Hyounseung ; Lee, Boknam ; Choi, Seokin ; Koo, Bonsang
Page pp.173-181
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords International Construction ; competitiveness ; Gap analysis ; Competencies
Abstract Last decade, Korea's export scale has resulted in remarkably increasing tendency, and the Korean construction firms(KCFs)' activities on the global markets also have been revitalized. Therefore, this paper analyze a correlation between changes in the oversee market conditions and firms' competitiveness focused on plant business. The aim of this paper is to analyze the internal competency change of the KCFs on the global markets in the past 5 years and to find gap of internal competencies between KCFs and outstanding foreign firms. From a survey analysis this paper found that the external impacts on the global markets(changes of excahge rates, raw materials prices, supply-demand conditions, etc.) have highly influenced the sales amount of the KCFs. But the impacts to change the operating profit have been analyzed as not important. So it is necessary to reinforce the KCF's internal competencies rater than expecting an improvement of the external conditions. Also, the KCFs should strengthen the design engineering as a core competency.