Title Problems and Solutions of LCC Analysis in BTL Project for Education Facilities
Authors Kim, Chung-Yung ; Hong, Taehoon ; Hyun, Chang-Taek ; Lee, Hyun-Jong
Page pp.182-192
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords VE ; LCC ; BTL Project ; Education Facility ; Value Engineering
Abstract The purpose of this research is to identify problems and solutions of domestic Life Cycle Cost analysis in BTL(Build-Transfer-Lease), a PFI(Private Finance Initiatives) project. It is expected BTL would be quite effective delivery method for public construction introducing the private's major capital investments and technologies, and obviously LCC analysis is becoming more important factor for success of BTL projects. Nevertheless, there are still some complicated issues in LCC analysis, a technique for selecting the optimal VE(Value Engineering) proposals and estimating OM&R (Operation, Maintenance, & Repair) cost of the buildings, and has been applied limitedly. This research mainly focuses on educational facility, as most frequently delivered by BTL currently, especially with two levels (Alternative LCC and Building LCC), which is occupied main potion in BTL project. In addition, it identifies four main problems and suggests their solutions through case studies focusing six major factors (WBS, Repair Information, Life Cycle, Time value of money, Repair Information Database, LCC Model) from three projects. Advanced development of this research requires closer partnership between the private / public sectors, and their long term strategies.