Title Development of Concrete Quality Inspection and Document Management System Using Mobile and Web Technologies
Authors Kim, Young Suk ; Lee, Jae Kwon ; Jung, Unsuk
Page pp.193-205
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Concrete ; Quality ; Inspection ; Information Technology ; Document Management
Abstract Quality is an important keyword representing the corporate competitiveness and image in today’s construction industry. Especially in concrete construction, any problems or defects in fresh concrete can significantly degrade the entire quality and performance of the facility built. Thus, adequate quality inspection and testing must be exercised over the fresh concrete, if concrete with the required strength, durability and appearance is to be obtained. The testing of concrete delivered to the construction job site involves testing of fresh concrete and performing strength tests on hardened concrete. The principal tests conducted on fresh concrete include the slump test and tests for air and salt content. The temperature of fresh concrete should be checked out hot or cold weather concreting. The 7-day and 28-day strength of hardened concrete are also determined by compression tests on usually cylinder samples. However, it is very complex and time-consuming process requiring a lot of efforts to document those on-site concrete testing results and to accumulate their historical data. The primary objective of this study is to suggest a unique PDA and web-based system which enables an on-site quality manager to effectively conduct the concrete inspection and testing, automatically document and accumulate the collected historical data, and promptly obtain the approval from supervisors. Finally, it is anticipated that the effective use of the proposed PDA and web-based system would be able to improve reliability of the concrete quality inspection and testing data as well as significantly reduce the approval process.