Title A Bottom-up Approach Based Knowledge Management System for Construction Organizations
Authors Park, Moonseo ; Ahn, Changbum ; Lee, Hyun-Soo ; Lee, Kyu-Sung
Page pp.3-13
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Knowledge Management ; Bottom-up Knowledge Management ; Distributed Knowledge Management System
Abstract Knowledge management (KM) has been considered to be an effective means of learning from past projects to effect continuous performance improvement in the construction industry. Despite the growing importance of KM in the construction industry, the usage and effectiveness of IT tools for implementing KM are limited to some extent. Case studies of current KM practices in Korean construction sectors revealed that the chief causes of this problem are the top-down approach of the current practices. To address this challenging issue, this research proposes bottom-up approach, which motivates knowledge creation by shifting the ownership of contents, and facilitates effective reuse of knowledge by providing rich contextual information.