Title Satisfaction Level of Construction Quality Management by Survey of The Field Staffs
Authors Park, Hyeong-Geun
Page pp.34-45
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Quality Control ; Quality Management ; Construction Site ; Quality Certification ; Quality Assurance
Abstract In domestic, the Quality Management system of construction work has been compounded of the association of regulation which is ground for relevant law and operation of Quality Management system by ISO/KS A 9001(QMS) established by the contractor. Two quality guaranteed systems must be operated with complementary and integrated system, but we can not make full use of QMS of contractor and only run routinized quality management system in all construction project by the standard, methods, process provided in the law. These problems were demanded better condition in the past ten years, since the ISO standards have been introduced. Establishing preventive consideration of quality management by setting a goal of drastic quality guarantee is an urgent problem of construction industry. This study is quick to fellow, which should do three things. 1. The attitude survey related quality management of staff in charge in construction site has run. 2. Base on these results, we adjust satisfaction measurement about operation of construction quality management system. 3. Subsequently, we want to offer our thesis about advanced opinion for the next.