Title Supply-Demand Forecast of Engineers according to the Change of Construction Engineers Qualification System
Authors Park, Hwan-Pyo ; Shin, Eun-Young
Page pp.46-54
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Construction Engineers ; Supply-Demand Forecast ; Admitted Engineer System ; GDP
Abstract In the early 90s, we had serious shortage of construction engineers for the expansion of construction market. So, Government has established the admitted engineer system in 1995. However, since year 2000, while the engineershortage has been resolved, the opposite situation has occurred: serious over-supply of construction engineers. Therefore, Government announced that would abolish the admitted engineer systems as recognized the existent admitted engineers from 2007. From this point of view, it is critical to make the accurate forecast of number of required construction engineers for providing the basis for the most appropriate policy from 2008 to 2017. This research have developed a construction engineer supply-demand forecast model based on the GDP and construction market analysis. The results of this research will be applied to the basic data that policy planner establishes the supply-demand policy of construction engineers.