Title Analysis of Domestic and International Infrastructure Asset Management Practices and Improvement Strategy
Authors Chae, Myung Jin ; Lee, Giu ; Kim, Jung Ryul ; Cho, Moon Young
Page pp.55-64
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords infrastructure asset management ; maintenance ; SOC
Abstract In many developed countries, social infrastructure asset management has become an important issue for the effective operation and management, performance improvement, and providing better quality services. This paper describes infrastructure asset management practices in Korea and in the developed countries. Learning lessons from those countries and improve the asset management practices in Korea is the main theme of this paper. Considering the definition and basic structure of infrastructure asset management, authors have analyzed main concerns regarding infrastructure management, techniques, organizations (systems), and processes. The requirements and considerations are presented to overcome the limitations of current maintenance system. This paper will assist adopting infrastructure asset management in Korea and provide guide for the infrastructure maintenance.