Title Selection on the Order of Priority Factor of Construction Key Technology for Improving the Flexibility for a Long Life Apartment Housing at the Next Generation
Authors Lee, Jeong-Seok ; Cho, Gun-Hee ; Sohn, Jeong-Rak ; Kim, Jae-Jun
Page pp.84-92
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Long Life Apartment Housing ; Factor of Improving The Flexibility ; Flexibility ; AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process) ; Multi-dimensional scaling ; Construction Key Technology
Abstract Recently, lots of the research aspects of space, materials, structure, construction method relation to improving the flexibility going on throughout the construction industry, moreover the development of construction key technology has been accelerating by reason of deterioration in the apartment housing. Therefore, this study should firstly suggests assessment list of construction key technology through investigation of questionnaire and consultation of the expert on the basis of case studies, and should select it about the flexibility which making social issues lastly in the apartment housing. Secondly, this study should classify, reestablish core technology through inspection procedure of feasibility study among lists of deduced key technology. Finally, this study will suggest the manual & guideline for improving the flexibility for a long-life apartment housing at the next generation by selecting, analyzing and estimating higher score items of all key technology.