Title A Study on Developing the Calculation System of Disbursement for Government on the BTL Projects
Authors Lee, Chun-Kyong ; Cho, Bong-Ho ; Jung, Young-Han ; Park, Tae-Keun
Page pp.93-101
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords BTL(Built-Transfer-Lease) ; Disbursement for Government ; Total Private Investment ; Feasibility Analysis
Abstract BTL projects, which has been 3 years since it was carried out in 2008, trigged the controversy on the adequacy in the calculation of disbursement for Government due to such problems as low earning rate and the burden of service level compared with the project suggestion. Thus, the purpose of this study is to offer a suggestion on the calculation system for the purpose of the standardized - expense appropriation by item and database including the antecedent study on the finance model and the feasibility in BTL projects. The system is composed of 4 steps - project management, basic database, an analysis on expense by item and the result, and an analysis on sensitivity, and it is possible to carry out a comparative analysis on single and multi alternatives by variable change along with the ground on expense calculation.