Title A Study on the Outcome Evaluation Criteria of Executing Negotiation on BTL project -Focused on Cultural Facilities
Authors Lee, Hyun-Chul ; Lee, Jae-Hong ; Go, Seong-Seok
Page pp.3-13
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords BTL Project ; Cultural Facility ; Negotiation ; Evaluation Criteria ; Outcome Evaluation Criteria
Abstract When promoting BTL(Build Transfer Lease; below BTL) project, negotiation is a stage of examining observation and reflection of RFP(Request for Proposal below RFP) in terms with facilities, operating and financing. It keeps an important position in whole process. However, there is no consistent guideline or model which helps evaluating the result of negotiation. It is difficult to apprise the quantitative outcome after executing negotiation. Thus, this study presented the Value Engineering -based process and model of estimating the outcome of negotiation for the purpose of estimating and verifying the result of negotiation objectively. Evaluating factors of negotiation were classified into 6 fields, 38 divisions and 135 items, focused on cultural facilities on BTL project. Weight of every factor was estimated, and quantitative checklist was established. This study presented the model which could measure the outcome of negotiation. This result would be a critical checklist before negotiation on BTL project, an index of feedback during negotiation, and also a standard of estimating the outcome after negotiation.