Title Comparison Analysis on the Informatization Level between Construction CALS and Other Sectors
Authors Jung, In-Su ; Kim, Nam-Gon ; Kim, Jin-Uk ; Lee, Chan-Sik
Page pp.26-37
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Construction CALS ; Informatization Level ; Informatization Infrastructure ; Informatization Utilization ; Informatization Support
Abstract Ministry of Land, Transportation and Marine Affairs(MLTM) has implemented Construction CALS project for improving productivity of construction industry and for making construction project management efficient by responding to informatization and knowledge base society in 21st century. CALS has been applied successfully to projects from MLTM, however, the outcomes of Construction CALS hasn't been recognized. In addition, there is no way to find how high the level of Construction CALS is when it is compared with other SOC informatization projects. This study found out the informatiziation level of Construction CALS by using the evaluation index proposed in the former study, and by comparing with other sectors. The evaluation on the level was implemented in the three parts such as informatization infrastructure(network, hardware, standardization, data, informatization, informatization security), informatization utilization(information usage, IT performance), and informatization support(informatization goal, organization of informatization, informatization investment, informatization education), and then, this evaluation was compared with "Assessment for level of industry information system", "Assessment for level of small and midium sized industry information system", and "IICI(Informatization Index for the Construction Industry)". With the result from the comparison, this study produced superior factors and inferior factors for each sector. These results are expected to be useful for prioritizing budget allocation by finding out the informatization level of Construction CALS.