Title Business Process Model for Progress Phase of Design-Build Project
Authors Song, Young Woong ; Son, Bo Sik ; Chun, Jae Youl ; Choi, Yoon Ki
Page pp.38-49
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords Deisgn-Build ; Business Process ; DB ; Turn-Key
Abstract In public project market, design-build projects have been increased because of market trend change which enables technical competition. In this condition, its importance is also getting important. Generally, life cycle of design-build project consists of planning, preliminary design, procurement, contract, detail design, start of construction, construction, end of construction, and evaluation. From contractor’s viewpoint, it has problems such as difficulties in project management and information sharing because of frequent change of charged division. To solve these problems, it is desirable to change from function-based management system to process-based management system. The purpose of this study is to develop management process model for design-build project by progress phases. This study analyzed main conflicts and decision making factors of each stage in design-build projects, then systemized management subjects’responsibilities and management points’change. And also this study defined the key information that is the key point by project characteristics and progress phases. Based on this analysis, this study did business process modeling from planning stage to construction design check stage. At last, we proposed the way to manage business process by design-build project progress.