Title A Study on the Current Guideline Trends and Strategic Directions for Developing Open BIM Guideline
Authors Seo, Jong-Cheol ; Kim, In-Han
Page pp.58-66
ISSN 1229-7534
Keywords BIM ; Open BIM(IFC-based BIM) ; Open BIM Guideline ; Standardization
Abstract Recently, the BIM paradigm in domestic and foreign countries has been recognized as a momentum that can enhance productivity, efficiency, and collaboration of work in the construction industry. In this aspect, some countries have driven the development of BIM guideline to introduce and apply the Open BIM which is IFC-based BIM. Whereas, introduction and application of the BIM in Korea has been tried partly by several government agencies, public companies, design and construction companies. To promote the proliferation in the BIM use, therefore, the guideline needs to be developed first of all than anything else. In this context, this study addresses the trends of the BIM guidelines of foreign countries and strategic directions necessary for developing the Open BIM guideline.